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Locha-E-Ulfat Song Lyrics

Song: Locha E Ulfat
Singer: Benny Dayal
Music: Shankar-Ahsan-Loy
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Movie: 2 States
Director: Abhishek Verman
Star Casting: Arjun, Alia
2 states alia bhatt

Locha E Ulfat Lyrics - 2 States

Iklota Mera Dil Tha
Bhola Bhaala Simple Tha
Tujh Se Mai Takraya
Sarphira Ho Gya
Mujhe Pyar Laga Jo
Tuje Laga BhaiChaara
Armaa To Jaage
Mai Magar So Gya

Ban Ke Musibat
Piche Padi Hai
Ye Comedy Hai
Ya Tragedy Hai
Kya Hona Tha Kyu Ho Gya
Locha E Ulfat Ho Gaya

Tere Mere Pay Najar Ye
Nazdiik Hai Lekin
Ik Baal Barabr
Bich Me Line Hai
Chubta Hi Rehtaa Hai
Gadhta Hi Rehta Hai
Tujhe Fark Nhi Hai
Tu Badi Fark Hai

Ban Ke Musibat
Piche Padi Hai
Ye Comedy Hai
Ya Tragedy Hai
Kya Hona Tha Kyu Ho Gya
Locha E Ulfat Ho Gaya

Ye Haal Be-Huda Hai
Kiss Mood Me Khuda Hai
Kyu Dil Ki Dhadkano Se
Maze Me Khele
Ye Ludo Sanjaao
Kya Khaak Dosti hai
Daftar Ki Naukari Hai
Karne Ko Dil Nhi Hai Magar Karte Jaao

Locha E.. Locha E..
Locha-E-Ulfat Ho Gaya

English Translatation song Locha-e-Ulfat:

It was my single heart,
innocent and simple,
I collided with you and became mad..
While I felt it was love,
you thought it was friendliness..
My hopes awakened, but I slept..

Like a problem, it's behind me
Is this comedy, or tragedy..
It didn't have to happen, why did it happen?
The problem of love happened.

Two viewpoints of yours and mine, are close but,
There is a hair-like line in between
It keeps pinching, keeps thrusting in..
You don't care, you're very fine..

This situation is strange,
In what mood is God,
Why does he play Ludo, having fun,
with the heartbeats..
what a friendship it is.. It's an office job..
I don't want to do, but keep on going..

It was okay before you came,
now I am some dead flower..
earlier I was a useful guy,
Now I am useless like an emptied refill,
In the nights, I stay awake..
All my sleeps, she took away. stealing them..
Listen, from the windows of dreams
she comes and peeps..
You only tell me..

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